I want that Wednesday

I’ve been wracking my brain about home stuff, so I thought I could use a little break and focus on fashion for a hot minute. Speaking of hot, I ordered hot pink jeans—yes, I know it’s the dead of winter, but I had Arizona on the brain—and I’m already in love with them. The price helped: Originally $68, I got them for $29.99! Thanks, Macy.

You know what would look phenomenal paired with ’em? These navy polka dot oxfords…


They look like something my grandma would’ve worn because she’s a classy lady, just like me. (I don’t know Mim, what do you think?) Unfortunately, I didn’t come across them until it was too late—they only have size 6 available left. Those probably would fit my grandma! Fingers crossed they restock.

(Image: gap.com)

One thought on “I want that Wednesday

  1. tia Cindy says:

    Mim would LOVE those shoes and she has always worn pink slacks….shen would be so pleased to know how much like her you are now!

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