Tackling the List

So now that I’ve got the Home Improvement List, where do I start? Well honestly, I think before beginning any project, it’s good to have a clean slate—and that means major decluttering. Like the entire apartment…

But I’ve already gotten started! I cleaned out my storage area—mostly because the Christmas decorations were not going to fit back in there if it wasn’t better organized—and took four boxes to the thrift store. I took a quick comb through my closet, but it could use another round, in addition to my jewelry, bag and shoe collections. My pantry definitely needs a once-over (I was panicking before my holiday cocktail party, and I just starting throwing anything and everything in there!).

My biggest problem is paper clutter. I have a million half-read magazines open to some page that I has a “great” idea on it. My stationary collection has been boxed up since I moved in in August. My bills are in a banker’s box in my closet—not in folders, just thrown in along with receipts.

This is a big project. Really big. Luckily I’m rocking the mindset of less is more right now, so I’m hoping I can whip through the piles quickly and recycle, donate and throw away as much as possible. I have an exciting weekend ahead, people!

Fortunately Apartment Therapy is dishing out advice on this very thing. Here, their words of wisdom…

Questions to ask when evaluating a particular item:

• Have I (or anyone else in my home) used this item in the last year?
• Is it broken, and if so, is it worth fixing? And will I actually do so?
• Do I have a particular use for this in the near future?
• Would it be difficult or expensive to get another one, or would I sincerely regret parting with it?
• Do I love it? (Or does someone else in the family love it? We don’t want to start any family feuds here, much as you may wish to rid yourself of a leg lamp or, in my mom’s case, my dad’s taxidermy pieces, which she calls “D & Ds” (Dead and Dusties).)
• Does it make my life easier?
• Do I need it (either for function or, with paperwork, for legal purposes)?
• Would I rather have this item or the space that it occupies in my home?
• Would I keep this if I were to move? In other words, would it be worth packing up, carrying around, and unpacking in a new space?
• Would someone else I know enjoy it more than I do?
• How many other items do I have that serve the same purpose?
• Is it my style now, or is it just something that I liked at a previous point in my life?
• Does it fit (your body, your space, your style, your needs)?

Ah AT, you be smart. Click here to read the rest of the article!


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