2013: The Home Improvement List

Ok, so now that I have all this new-found enthusiasm, where do I start? Well, herein comes the part that I’m actually really good at: to-do lists. My problem comes with the executing of those actions… But I’m getting ahead of myself. I shall create the list and go from there.

Now I have a few different lists pertaining to different parts of my life (“professional advancement” is a whole notebook in its own… ), but today I’ll share with you the Home Improvement List:


  • Find and buy a new console for the TV. (I’ve owned this off-white IKEA locker since I was in high school. I actually don’t mind it, and it works in the space, but I broke the key off on the one doors so it’s a real pain to open it. I’m hoping to find a piece that complements the bar, even though that’s in a different room.)
  • Set up an entryway vignette. (When you open up the door to my apartment, all you see is this little bookshelf that’s cluttered with magazines and sketchbooks and god knows what else. It’s sad. I would love to have something with a little pizzazz. First impressions are everything, right? Wherever I can gain some storage is a plus!)
  • Paint something with chalkboard paint. (This could be anything: an entire wall, a serving platter, a cheesecloth, whatever.)

  • Install a shelf in the kitchen for the microwave. (This is a super easy fix to my lack-of-counter-space problem, something that’s becoming more and more obnoxious as my experiments in the kitchen increase—but more on that later.)
  • Buy a blender. (This isn’t really a project, but I tried to make a smoothie the other night—something I’m going to try to incorporate more often into a revamped diet—and my blender, a hand-me-down from Andy, wouldn’t crush the ice. Luckily, BB&B is constantly mailing out those 20 percent off coupons. Or perhaps an admirer could buy me one for Valentine’s Day… Ha, what admirer? Again, that’s another list!)
  • Designate an area for laundry. (Since I moved out of my parents’ house where there’s a full-blown laundry room, I’ve been carrying around this Santa-like nylon bag with my laundry in it. That’s been a good seven years… It’s time to be a real adult and get a hamper of some sort. I even have a place for it in my closet, but right now the clothes just pile up on the floor because I’m too lazy to open the bag each time. Easy. Fix.)

And last but not least… it’s a biggie…

  • Revamp the bedroom. (So I know I just did the big bedroom reveal, but honestly, what was I thinking? It is just not working. My dressers are these retro, silver behemoths and then the nightstands are very traditional dark wood with bronze handles. Yuck! Something has got to give here. And that’s where I get overwhelmed… but I’m working on some ideas. Thank god for Pinterest!)

That’s all I’ve got for now. Ha, I act like these aren’t big (read: expensive) undertakings, but I don’t expect everything to come together in a day like on HGTV – though I wouldn’t mind have Genevieve or Sarah‘s help, that’s for sure!


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