Craigslist Score: ‘Nightstands’

My bedroom in the old apartment was so small that I couldn’t fit one nightstand – let alone two. But in the wide open spaces of the new place, the furniture gods were demanding them! And by furniture gods, I really mean it was driving me crazy to not have a place for my endless magazines and a lamp by which to read them. I put moving boxes in place of nightstands for a few week, but it was terrible. And so I set off to find nightstands – they didn’t have to match (That’s the cool thing to do, right?), but they did have to have storage. The IKEA options were just okay, and I scoured Craigslist, but there were very few acceptable nightstands out there. Until I came across these…

I wanted something that I could possibly refinish in the future, but they had to be presentable (and functional!) now. I fell for a pair of old record cabinets – there’s even slots at the top of the cabinet part to keep the records in place – but they work magically as nightstands. Perfect height. Plenty of storage. Great shape. $100/pair? Sold.

I’ll reveal the entire bedroom on Thursday. Stay tuned…


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