DIY Fail: Outlet Covers

Hey all, I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. I ended up at my favorite bar (The Pony), took in the sunrise at my favorite beach (Montrose) and grabbed breakfast at my favorite eatery (M. Henry) – all in one night/morning! It was a great send-off to summer and a nice reminder about what makes this city so great.

I also got around to attempting an improvement project at the new place. Since the day I moved in, the outlet covers have been driving my mom crazy. I didn’t even notice until she said something, but it is something little you can do to improve a place as a renter. These just looked grungy and like they’d been painted around for a bunch of years. Given that the covers themselves are less than $1 each, I decided to go ahead and replace them. Problem is, I didn’t look that closely and the switches are actually off-white. It’s not that the covers were dirty – they were off-white all along! Who puts off-white covers on outlets on a white wall? Come on now.

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So, as much as I hate the switches not matching the plates, I’m going to leave them as is. It’s still an improvement, albeit a somewhat imperfect one.

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