Bathroom storage solution

I’ve been surprised how little I’ve needed to buy for the new apartment. Even if I’m not using a piece of furniture or decoration in the way I thought I would, it seems I’ve been able to find a different place for it and it just works. Or it works for now anyway (and doesn’t look absolutely terrible).

But one thing I couldn’t get past was bathroom storage. In the last apartment, I had a great closet in the bathroom, but no such luck in the new place. So I started looking around for an over-the-toliet cabinet (aka space saver) because it was driving me crazy having boxes of toiletries sitting around. All the reviews are terrible, and even the one I settled for is pretty poor quality, but I liked the wainscoting. It’s from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it did take a couple hours to assemble. The doors don’t quite align, but I’m hoping my dad can even it out next time he’s up. I’m just happy to have a place to hide my mousse!

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Again, I apologize for the terrible photos. I think I need to get a new camera. When the flash goes off, it smokes a little… But a full bathroom reveal to come Monday!


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