I want that Wednesday

When I was growing up, my parents had this super comfy, caramel-colored leather chair. If memory serves me right (and fam, chime in here if I’m wrong), my dad and I used to sit in it on Saturday mornings and watch Peewee’s Playhouse and eat slices of white bread that we’d rolled up into balls (minus the crust, natch). Classic. Though it got pretty beat up over the years – a big Duck tape “patch” covered a sizable hole in the ottoman – I figured one day they’d get sick of it and donate it to me for my apartment in the city.

Well, it was a very rude awakening when some months ago I found out they’d up and thrown it away! While I’ll never replace the memories, of course, I would love to replace the chair eventually. This one from Anthropologie looks pretty comfy…

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Maggie Club Chair, Anthropologie, $2,698


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