Hit the bullseye

Excellent news, people – a Target is opening on State Street! I’ll be able to go on my lunch break… how convenient is that?! I’m pumped but also a little worried – Target is dangerous for my wallet. It’s awesome that it’s opening just in time (July 29) for the move though.

Still no word on exactly what day I’ll be moving in, but I’m hoping to hear from the management company this week about when the current tenant is moving out. I think I’ve pretty much resigned to stay in my place a few extra days and move into the new apartment the weekend of the 4th. It’s just too much of a pain to move in the middle of the week! Plus, I figure a slow move will give me a chance to clean both places (hopefully the new one won’t need it, but you never know) and unpack and organize as I go. I’m feeling a very Zen move… ha, who am I kidding? I can’t imagine moving one’s life is ever not chaos, but I’ll try!


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