I want that Wednesday

Hear me, people of Pinterest: When you pin something from a blog or any kind of site with more than one page, use the actual article web address – not the home page! I hate when I click on a picture of, say, shoes, and I want to know who the designer is/how much they cost/where to buy them; instead, I’m taken to the home page, and the shoes are no where in sight because they were written about two weeks ago. Urg!

So that’s the first thing I want this Wednesday: Pinterest users to be smarter. But what set me off on that rant was this…

Isn’t it gorgeous? Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for lace. I love how it lines her body and how the lace alone creates the one-shoulder look. It’d be beautiful as a wedding dress with white/cream lace (not that we need to worry about that any time soon!). I don’t know if I could pull this off, but I’d like to think so. Unfortunately, I don’t know the designer because it was pinned incorrectly. If anyone out there sees this and knows, please give me a shout!


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