Design Inspiration: Don Draper

I know Don’s new apartment from Season 6 is old news now, but I also know a lot of you trusty readers aren’t Mad Men watchers. Since the bar unveiling, I’ve been thinking about his midcentury Manhattan home. Check it out:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, in the show, you only catch glimpses of the rooms, and I think built it up as especially awesome in my head. There’s some cool elements (sunken living room, kitchen with pass through windows, couch and pendant lamp, countertop cocktail bar… I love the dining room, minus that orange rug), but it’d drive me crazy to live in this space. That kitchen wallpaper? Ralph. The curtains and valance? No thanks.

Good thing it’s 1966, not 2012. I guess that’s the challenge of it: to mix old with new in harmony. Wish me luck!

(Thanks to the L.A. Times for the pics. Read more about the Draper residence in their article here.)

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