Apartment No. ?: Ravenswood

I’ve lost track of the number of apartments I’ve looked at… It’s gotta be hovering around 20. Sad, I know. I’ve been pretty picky about location up until now because I knew I had some time to work with. But this apartment hunt is starting to take a toll on my health – damn anxiety! – so I decided to look at a place in Ravenswood.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Ravenswood; in fact, it’s actually quite a nice area. I was just trying to stay south of Irving Park Road. But there are a ton of one bedrooms in Ravenswood, so I could find a diamond in the rough. This place was a good start:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The only real cons of this place are location (actually it’s close to public transit and easy to get to friends, just three stops north of where I live now) and lack of outdoor space. There’s little patches of grass, but no courtyard or anything, despite being in a large complex. But all in all, the space was good, and it had an updated kitchen and bathroom. I probably would have filled out an application right then and there, but this is a sublet and the girl didn’t have the paperwork from the management company yet. And I haven’t heard from her since so… guess that’s a no.

I’m glad I checked it out though because it opened my eyes to the neighborhood. Ravenswood, you’re a-ok to me.


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