I want that Wednesdays

I love that feeling when you’ve been out at the beach all day: Your hair is salty, your skin is tight (but not burned!), you’re finally just as comfortable in a bikini as jeans and a tee, and everything smells like suntan lotion.

But the best is late in the afternoon, when you realize you’ve had enough sun and, frankly, you’re exhausted, so you head inside to find a comfy chair near a breezy open window (so you can still hear the ocean lapping against the shore, of course) to read a good book or catch a nap. That is exactly what makes vacations so magical.

I picture all that happening here:

I love when spaces manage a coastal vibe without going over-the-top nautical (not that I don’t love a good anchor here and there). The colors are so soothing, and I can almost smell the ocean blowing in through those plantation blinds.

I’m not sure what it is exactly that I’m saying “I want” here – that beachy feeling, these great chaise lounge chairs or a vacation – but I’d be more than happy with any of those options!

One thought on “I want that Wednesdays

  1. Tia says:

    This looks just like South Carolina to me…love it! Also, that Gramps was crazy….where did he think I was going to stay when I come to visit???

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