If it sounds too good to be true…

Remember yesterday when I said I was seeing a place that sounded great on paper? Well, it was still pretty good in person – except for the landlord. First, he wouldn’t let me take pictures of the place (despite it being empty). Sure, that’s strange, but whatever. But then, THEN, he tells me the house rules: 1. No hanging out on the front steps. Um ok, there’s a big backyard, so I’m not sure why I’d bother. And 2. NO HAVING PEOPLE STAY THE NIGHT.

Are you kidding me, gramps? If I’m going to pay nearly $1,000/month to live somewhere, I damn well will keep whatever company I want! This was a two bedroom, and I thought it’d be great to have family or friends come stay with me. I should have told the guy off then and there, but I’m too nice so instead I said I’d call him. Pssh, yeah right… What a nightmare this search is turning into!


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