Road Block: Utility Bills

I’ve heard the word, trusty readers. I know you want more. But there’s only so much Kelsey to go around. You can always tell what weeks are deadline time at work because Urban Nesting goes on hiatus (aka I’m too freaking tired of reading and editing and what not to set up shop in front of a computer again when I get home).

Anyway, I have much to catch you up on. I almost signed on an apartment – almost. It was a two bedroom even! But the problem with more space is that it costs that much more to heat and cool it, so the utility bills pushed it out of my reach. But it didn’t have any outdoor space and the windows looked really old, so I’ve made peace with letting it go. (Well, after trying to haggle the landlord down.)

Then I found another place – a one bedroom plus office in a coach house. It was charming! Sure, the bedroom wasn’t huge, but the bathroom had a skylight, the backyard was perfect, and the living room was even painted in my colors. And it was close to the train. But it was an open house and like 15 other people (including couples, that’s twice the income) submitted applications so surprise, surprise – I haven’t heard back.

So yet again the search continues. I’m seeing a place tonight that on paper sounds great – except it’s far from train. Like .9 mile. So not bad, but in the dead of winter… I’m not so sure. But I’ll leave that for tomorrow’s post. Wish me luck!

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