Apartment No. 12 (I think)

The more apartments I see, the pickier I get – and probably not in a good way. Now that I know I have until Aug. 1 instead of July 1, I guess I just want to make sure I get the BEST apartment in my budget and time frame. And this one isn’t it – but I can’t really pinpoint why.

It’s a 1 bed/1bath with a good amount of space (Separate dining room is a plus given the kitchen is hideous. You can’t tell in these pics, but fridge is green…). It’s on the second floor and the apartment takes up that entire floor, so you don’t have to share walls with anybody and you get great natural light. The location is even pretty great – just off Addison in North Center/West Lakeview.

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What do you think? Should I keep it in the running? I have to admit: I’m getting tired of looking!


One thought on “Apartment No. 12 (I think)

  1. Tia Cindy says:

    I think this one looks pretty darn good….nothing wrong with a green fridge…very retro. Love the archway between the LR & DR.

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