Back at it

Sorry I went M.I.A. last week – I was a bit distraught after losing that amazing apartment, so I spent the last week pouting and drinking. Healthy, right? Well, the drinking didn’t have so much to do with my lack-of-apartment as much as the Crosstown Classic! (My problems can’t be as bad as the Cubbies, right? Right.)

Anywho, some good news to come out as of late is that I can stay in my current place until Aug. 1. Granted, I’d like to get out asap, but if push comes to shove and all the July 1 apartments are crap, I can take my chances and hope for something better Aug. 1. Speaking of pushing, turns out my landlady is preggers! No wonder she’s been so crabby. My worst nightmare could very well come true should she go into labor, and I’m the only one home… MUST. GET. OUT.


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