Apartment No. 5: Granite?!

I managed to fit in a couple apartment visits right before I left for the Derby – and I may have actually found a prospect! Maybe.

The place I like is in Ravenswood, near Wilson and Paulina. Paulina has some great houses on it, but this apartment is in a complex. First con. But the real pro is that the apartment will be renovated, and I’ll be the first to live in it. The current tenant is moving out June 1, and it’d be ready for me to move in July 1. These pics are of a unit they’ve already redone, but apparently it has the exact same layout as the one I’d move into:

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Renovated kitchen and bath
Good location in terms of getting to work and friends via public transit
Short bus ride to Montrose beach!
Heat included
First floor

Apartment complex
.5 miles from the train (I know, I’m a baby)
No grocery within walking distance
No outdoor space/balcony
Need to buy AC window unit(s)
Coin-operated laundry (pretty much a given, but I’ll add it here anyway)

Ha, it’s funny – when I started writing this post, I was feeling optimistic about this place; now, I’m just feeling so-so. What do you think?


One thought on “Apartment No. 5: Granite?!

  1. Clare says:

    The place looks amazing and I like that it is easy to get downtown and to the beach… Is it first floor or a garden unit? You must make sure it is SAFE! The coin laundry is not bad because well that would be pretty much anywhere however I’m not sure about the AC Unit. How expensive are those? If you don’t plan to stay for more than a year or two then it might be an added cost that you could do without. It’s definitely a plus that heat is included though and man, newly renovated? That does not happen very often!

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