Apartment No. 4: Lincoln Park?

Like I mentioned yesterday, the apartment listings for July are really coming on strong now – thank god! The anticipation was killing me!

So anywho, I decided to check out a place owned by ICM Properties (I’ve seen their signs around quite a bit, so they must own a lot of buildings throughout the city) in Lincoln Park. I’ve never really considered living in LP only because I thought it’d be out of my price range. This apartment was off the Diversey brown line stop, so it’d be a nice compromise between the Wrigleyville craziness to the north and the DePaul frat boys to the south.

But by “off the Diversey stop,” I mean pretty far off of it. I looked it up, and in actuality it’s only .6 miles, but it must be like .64 because it seemed awfully far to me. Maybe it was just because I had to walk along such a busy street and cross some major intersections.

The apartment itself was pretty nice: a one bedroom plus den on the top floor of a two flat with hardwood floors and a dishwasher and quite a bit of closet space. You had to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, so that was a little strange. And the girl living there now had stacked up all her recycling against the back door, so I have no idea what that exit looks like.

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The major knocks for me were the walk from the train and the lack of upkeep of the facade and stairwell. Makes me question if ICM would be good at handling maintenance issues. But I’m glad I went because I’d definitely consider an apartment in that area of LP now – just not this one.


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