Apartment No. 3: Aville Revisited

You’re probably wondering how I got to Apartment No. 3 already, right? Well, the first apartment was the one I showed you about two weeks ago now – one that, in hindsight, I should have jumped on. It was a bargain for sure, and I was in love with the balcony. But it was snatched up the very next day, so I have to push ahead.

Apartment No. 2 was so creepy that I didn’t even take pictures, and so I didn’t bother writing about it until now. It was on the same block that I used to live on in Andersonville, just a few buildings east. The on-site manager kept talking about how much he loves cats… I was in and out in under five minutes.

And that brings us to Apartment No. 3. Again, I returned to my former block in Aville – and even my former property manager, Seminary Properties. It’s two buildings down from my old apartment, and it has A LOT of pros, most notably a washer/dryer in unit and central heat and AC. Ah-mazing. (These photos aren’t so hot, so you can check out the listing if you want to see more.)

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The only real cons are 1. living that far north again and 2. living on the red line. The nearest stop is Argyle (about .6 mile away), and they’ll be closing the station for six weeks beginning in August as part of the CTA’s red line renovations. Six weeks out of 52 may not seem like much, but they’ll also be doing construction on one of the stations just south of there, so my commute could be interrupted then as well. AND, construction aside, living on the red line would mean I’d have to switch to a brown line train at Belmont every day, almost assuredly having to stand the rest of the way. And I’m lazy.

One last note on transportation: Cabbing from River North, Lincoln Park, etc. back to Aville is also expensive. Granted, I only do that late at night, but still, it’s an expense to consider, and this place is already just barely within my budget.

So, in conclusion, this place has a lot of things going for it, but I’m going to hold out for my dream apartment on the brown line. Wish me luck!


One thought on “Apartment No. 3: Aville Revisited

  1. Clare says:

    You should use padmapper and search strictly based on the brown line!! That’s how I found the Armitage apt… just sayin 🙂

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