I want that Wednesdays

It hurts to wear shoes with my bum foot, so what can I not stop thinking about? New shoes, of course!

I have to buy new black flats about every six months because I wear them out (could have something to do with this injury, by the way). So would it make sense to “invest” in a pair of expensive flats instead of cheapy ones a couple times a year?

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I have a big, fat crush on Tory Burch and her signature flats. I know I’m flashing back to my middle school mentality when I would have died for a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. It’s just about that medallion, right?

Well, whatever, I don’t know all that psychological crap behind branding and shopper appeal and what not, but I do know that if I had an extra $200, I’d give Tory a try. It’s hard to resist that smooth leather. My only question would be: gold or silver? (Probably gold to match my Marc, right?)


One thought on “I want that Wednesdays

  1. Tia Cindy says:

    HATE THEM! I am all for the idea of spending morning on a good pair of shoes, but ya gotta be able to find some more attractive that this. Also, must compliment you too on ‘upgrading to gold’!
    Hope your foot feels better soon!

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