I want that Wednesdays

“I want that Wednesdays” are a series of posts that, well frankly, are just of things (real estate, decor, food, etc.) I like. Egotistical, right? I’m hoping in time it’ll help me define my personal tastes. Let me know if you love it/hate it/can’t get enough of it.

I’ve been sick this week, so I’ve been spending an unusual amount of time in my bedroom. One of the compromises I made when I moved into my current place was bedroom size: It pretty much fits my full bed, and that’s it. But my logic was that if I was living alone, I’d only be in there to sleep anyway… right?

Well, to a point, I still agree with that. But it’s a real pain when you can’t even fit a nightstand with a reading lamp in there. Hopefully when I find my new place, there will be a little bit more space in the sleeping quarters. You know, just something like this:

Kidding, kidding. I mean, this looks ridiculously comfortable, but I’ll need a miracle to have as much space (and high ceilings) as this has – let alone the money to recreate the coziness. I can dream, right? (Get it? Dream? Bedroom? Too much?)

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