Fashion inspiration: Bohemian preppy?

I stealthily took this pic of Mr. Anonymous here on the brown line. I run into him a couple mornings a week and admire his style. This day it was straw hat, hipster glasses (the only constant), plaid button-up, leather jacket, critter tie (extra points for anchors), a million bracelets, orange capris, red tote and boat shoes. I think he rocks it.

Anyone who knows me knows I would never wear the female version of this – I’m too matchy matchy, oftentimes to a fault – but I can admire from afar. Maybe I’ll ask him to be my friend one day – or just take me shopping!


4 thoughts on “Fashion inspiration: Bohemian preppy?

  1. Clare says:

    This is amazing. How ever did you take the pic without him knowing?! I don’t know about the bracelets or pants as capris but I’m on board with everything else. Tell him to go for the full length pants when you go shopping!

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