One and done?

I know I said there aren’t many listings for July yet, but I found a place that’s available June 1 and the landlord would allow a June 15 move-in. The advantage of that would be I could move in over the course of two weekends, instead of just in one day. But it also means I have to pay rent at the old place and a half month’s rent at the new place… Is the convenience of moving days (plural) worth about $400? I’m not so sure.

Though I have to say, I do really like this first place. I’m a sucker for outdoor space, and this place has a balcony and a backyard. Take a look:

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Outdoor space
Second floor unit
Big bedroom
Walking/biking distance from Lincoln Square, Andersonville, North Center, Wrigleyville and Roscoe Village
Free laundry
Heat and gas included
Wired for cable
Fairly good closet space

Small kitchen (I’d have to sell my table and chairs.)
.5 miles from the train

Landlord lives downstairs (A pro and con, in my experience)

The landlord is this sweet older guy named Don. He seemed so genuinely nice. He lives on the first floor, and then there’s two one bedroom apartments upstairs. The application is a credit check, and he waives the $20 fee if he selects you. He said the girl living there now is just moving out because a friend wants to live with her.

I like this place, but I don’t have anything to compare it to yet, so I feel like it’ll get snatched up before I get a chance to seriously consider it.


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