Letter of Intent (to Vacate)

Dear Landlady:

I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to squat in your first floor apartment. It’s been quite an experience! But given that my apartment was burglarized, my kitchen sink has been clogged for eight months, your dogs peed on my laundry, I was freezing all winter (in part because you refuse to remove the AC window unit), shingles come off the roof when it’s windy, and the “free cable” is really just broadcast channels plus Lifetime, I have decided to move out when my lease expires July 1.

Best wishes to your future tenants!



2 thoughts on “Letter of Intent (to Vacate)

    • No, she doesn’t know, but she sent an architect through the place a couple weeks ago, so she may not be planning on renting out the apartment anymore anyway.

      I have a few ideas, but it’s still a little early for the July listings. Things will heat up around May 1. Can’t wait! 🙂

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