Weekend Rewind: Happy Easter!

This is probably the first time in almost a year that I’ve gone back to my parents’ house for an entire weekend without a DIY project up my sleeve. Nope, it was strictly visiting and relaxing – well, and lots of eating. But I didn’t even take pictures of any of the delicious food (hoagies, donuts, crunchy baked potatoes) or drink (margaritas, Bloody Marys, sweet iced tea). Probably because most of the time I was eating with one hand and trying to keep Coco from jumping on me with the other…

Can you believe how big she is?! She was so tiny when my parents’ surprised me with her at my apartment in September. But despite her size, she’s definitely still a puppy – lots of jumping and biting and TONS of energy. Hopefully she’ll calm down a bit by summer, so I can bring her up to the Foster dog beach!

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