Foodie Friday: Bakin’ & Eggs… or just bacon

I’ve written about Chicagoans – and my own – affinity for brunch before: I’d say it’s pretty epic. But the most direct way to this girl’s heart is not with bread pudding or toasted baguette or fresh squeezed oj (though I do love them all), but with bacon. I went to Baconfest last year, and I ate so much that I honestly could feel my heart struggling to beat for about two weeks… Despite it’s deliciousness, I will not be returning.

However, I will be returning to Bakin’ & Eggs for the bacon flight. I love restaurants where I can try a little bit of everything, so this is especially appealing to me.

Maple pepper. Jalapeno. Honey. Mesquite. Cherry Smoked. In that order (I think), but not in order of deliciousness. I liked the honey best, jalapeno least. I recommend sharing.

As for the other things on the menu, they’re solid but I wouldn’t say spectacular. I haven’t tried the sweet stuff yet, but the two eggs and breakfast burrito are ok. If you’re really indulging and going for something with gravy, I’d suggest the breakfast biscuit. I didn’t even know I liked sausage gravy until they accidentally put it all over my breakfast biscuit when I asked for it on the side. Turns out, not a problem.

But it does bring me to my last point: The service leaves something to be desired. The waitstaff acts like they’d rather be listening to anything but your order (and that’s how mistakes happen, people!) and it seems to take a long time to get drinks to the table.

But then the bacon comes out, and I forget about all of that…


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