Conquering my fears

I’m scared of horses. That’s just a whole lot of power under a person. (Insert joke here about being a power bottom.) Plus, last time I was on a horse was more than 10 years ago, and my cousin’s horse got spooked and took off, eventually throwing her. She broke a couple ribs. Keep in mind that she’s been on horses since, and I – the unharmed bystander – have not.

So I decided it was time to overcome my fear and get back in the saddle again. Why in Mexico of all places? I have no idea. Anyway, it went ok. I survived. I still don’t think I’m destined to study equestrian in the future (I’ll take up one of the other snooty sports like golf or racketball instead), but at least I did it.

My horse wasn’t a smooth ride either. Porky liked to stop and eat and saunter along, but she didn’t like it when she realized she was half a block behind everyone else, so she’d gallop to catch up. On cobblestone paths, this did not feel so great. I’m HURTING WORSE THAN SPIN CLASS…

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