I want that Wednesdays

Guess what came in the mail today? The 2012 Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog. And what’s the only thing on my mind (well besides the fact that I’ll never look that good in such a small amount of fabric)? Mexico. But luckily I’m not going to a beach resort. Instead I’ll be soaking up the sun in my aunt’s hot tub with no one to impress but her doggies, so last year’s swimsuit will work just fine (Full disclosure: it’s actually two seasons old). That’s not to say I haven’t looked around a bit…

I have a little crush on this Miu Miu bikini. I’m really digging the retro feel without it being too costume-y (seems like there’s a lot of that going on this year). But at the cool price of $245, I’ll have to keep looking. Maybe this itsy-bitsy-teeny-wienie yellow polka dot bikini from VS will do. Looks like I better start SAVING UP FOR SUMMER!

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