Weekend Rewind: Renegade Craft Fair

I stopped by the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend. I’d mentioned it a few weeks ago after I went to the Randolph Street Market, but I had no idea there was one in Chicago coming up so soon. I actually really enjoyed it, though I didn’t buy a single thing – not that I didn’t want to, just that I need to save up for Christmas presents. But there was a ton of great jewelery, screen prints, t-shirts and even terrariums.

I didn’t take as many pictures this time – partially because it kind of felt like a form of stealing, and partially because I parked illegally and thus rushed through the booths – but here was the general madness at Pulaski Park:

These cute prints from Nourishing Notes were my favorite things at the fair. I’d love to have them for my kitchen, and luckily they’re only $12 each and for sale in their Etsy store so I can pick them up when I’m less strapped for cash:

Overall, I think I’d say I liked Renegade better than Randolph. It’s kind of bs that you have to pay to get into Randolph while Renegade has free admission. But Randolph does have furniture and vintage items, whereas Renegade is for the most part new. Just know this: If you decide to go to Renegade in the future, TAKE A CAB.

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