So snuggly

Ah, new bedding just in time for fall. I couldn’t wait to hear if I’d won the West Elm contest, so I splurged on the quilt and matching shams. While I’m totally loving it, this is only the first step into the bedroom makeover, which makes me nervous. But it’s the next focus since the living room is, for the most part, done now.

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The bedroom wish list is huge: bedskirt, curtains, some kind of nightstand (if you notice, there’s not room for a traditional one, so it’ll have to be a headboard/ nightstand shelf thing I think), lighting, something to replace/cover up the hideous closet door… on and on.

But one decision needs to be made: What should my accent color be? Come winter, I’ll need a duvet cover for my down comforter, but I can’t decide what color to even start looking for. It can be textured, but I don’t want to add another pattern to the small room. My dressers are silver and kind of retro looking, so I have a modern Moroccan thing going on.

I need your help. WHAT SHOULD MY COLORS BE? I just want it to be really soothing, a good getaway from my hectic work life. White, navy, silver… Baby blue? Yellow? Turquoise? Hot pink?


2 thoughts on “So snuggly

  1. Tia Cindy says:

    LOVE you new bedroom things…very Balinese. Go with yellow…we have used lots of yellow in the house and it is so beautiful.

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